Support in complying with the provisions on the protection of personal data, consulting, analyzes, creating documentation, organizational and physical data security.

ODO LABS for You

Every day, we want to take care of the safety and protection of personal data, as well as the privacy of individuals, and build awareness
in this regard.

Our close-knit, ambitious and insightful data protection team advises companies and organizations on matters as diverse as the GDPR and other regulations related to personal data protection and privacy, audits, risk analyzes, information security, Internet data protection issues, and documentation creation and building data protection systems tailored to the needs.

GDPR Compliance

Services for the preparation and implementation of data protection principles and good practices in
companies and organizations.

IT Consulting

Services at the interface of data protection and IT. IT security, solution analysis. Risk assessment and implementation of solutions increasing security.

Training and mentoring

Training and sharing knowledge and advice in the field of broadly understood personal data protection and privacy, information systems and new technologies.

Providing high-quality services in the field of personal data protection and privacy protection, expanding knowledge and raising awareness of the essence of data protection on many levels.


Department of personal data protecion
Department of IT and new tech
Customer support and service

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm